Montiel’s Custom Plastics offers a variety of services and plastics needs. We specialize in custom products built to order. That is why “custom” is in our company name.

If you do not see a product or service in any the pre-defined list below, please contact our experienced and friendly fabricator via email, phone, fax or please stop by our show room to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you.

Some of our common jobs:

Museums/ Art Galleries/ Artists/ Collectors

Art vitrines
Display cases
Wall frames
Artifact risers
Specialty lighting diffusers
Cut-to-size panels
Custom bases and pedestals
Consultation and design


 Design and prototyping

Laboratories/ Pharmaceutical/ Medical/ Tech Industry

 Control access panels and lock-outs
 Drip trays
 Protective shields
 Test chambers
 Clean room cabinets and lockers
 Specialty glides and bumpers
 Cadaver dissection boards
 Photographic background boards

Lighting and Electrical (Commercial & Residential)

 Custom formed and flat light lenses (indoor/outdoor)
 Protective shields
 Specialty lighting diffusers

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 Point-of-purchase displays and card racks
 Custom signage
 Literature and card racks

Universities/ Schools/ Office

 Art display cases
 Wall frames
 Replacement light lenses
 Protective shields and lock-out panels
 Cutting boards
 Sneeze guards
 Dry erase boards
 Corner guards and kick guards
 Cut-to-size plastic sheets
 Chair mats
 Custom desk organizers
 Computer monitor risers


 Cut-to-size sheet
 Splash guards
 Cutting boards
 Frames and dust covers
 Display cases
 Drop-in skylight inserts

Custom Acrylic & Specialty Finishing

We hold a cutting tolerance of ± .060 ̎ with capabilities of machined, beveled and polished finishes. We guarantee that your custom cut-to-size and shape acrylic sheets will look perfect each and every time.

Hotels and Restaurants

 Replacement light lenses
 Corner guards and kick guards
 Corner guards and kick guards
 Condiment racks
 Custom restaurant-grade cutting and food prep boards
 Custom restaurant-grade pizza cutting boards to size and slice specifications
 Shelf liners
 Sneeze guards
 Table tops


Custom boat windshields and windows
Custom Motorcycle and ATV windshields
Custom golf cart windshields
Replacement windows for RVs and show cars
Wind deflectors and wings for motorcycles

Frame Shops & Art Supply

 Wall frames
 Display cases
 Specialty wall brackets/holders
 Cut-to-size sheets
Sandwich frames

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